Poster Programme

P.1 -Installation and Commissioning of the SuperNEMO Tracking Detector; and the Unfolding of the NEMO-3 Mo-100 2νββ Spectrum
Ashwin Chopra, University College London, UK

P.2 - A Search for ttbar resonances with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
Anna Duncan, University of Glasgow, UK

P.3 -3D Printing Gaseous Radiation Detectors for Applications in Homeland Security
Samuel Fargher, University of Sheffield, UK

P.4 -Track Finding in the COMET Experiment using Boosted Decision Trees
Ewen Gillies, Imperial College London, UK

P.5 - Construction of silicon microstrip detector modules for the next generation silicon tracker in ATLAS
Guillermo Hamity, University of Sheffield, UK

P.6 - Search for dark matter in final states with jets and missing transverse momentum at CMS
Christian Laner, Imperial College London, UK

P.7 - SNO+ Commissioning and Initial Water Phase Data Taking
Billy Liggins, Queen Mary University of London, UK

P.8 - Directional dark matter search with Drift IID and testing thick GEM readout for CYGNUS
Warren Lynch, University of Sheffield, UK

P.9 -Axion results with LUX and future searches with LZ
Maria Francesca Marzioni, University of Edinburgh, UK

P.10 - X-PIPELINE: Gravitational-Wave Burst search applied to LIGO data
Elena Massera, University of Sheffield, UK

P.11 - The Hyper-Kamiokande Experiment: Overview & Status
Jost Migenda, University of Sheffield, UK

P.12 - CP violation measurements in  B- → DK*- decays using Run 1 and Run 2 data collected by the LHCb detector
Anita Nandi, University of Oxford, UK

P.13 -Breaking Into the Nuclear and Nucleosynthesis Codes
Eugene Pamfiloff, UK

P.14 - Method to calculate the mass of the Higgs boson using a simple analytic function
Thomas Powell, University of Sheffield, UK

P.15 - The ATLAS Monte Carlo Fast Chain : overview and recent developments
Baptiste Ravina, University of Sheffield, UK

P.16 -Monte Carlo generators for LZ simulations
Peter Rossiter, University of Sheffield, UK

P.17 -Multicomponent Dark Matter in the Mirror Model with Massive Mirror Photon
Mirza Satriawan, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

P.18 - Measuring |Vub| using semileptonic Bs decays
Iwan Smith, Edinburgh University, UK

P.19 - Constraining systematics for oscillation analyses at T2K using external and near-detector data
Clarence Wret, Imperial College London, UK

P.20 - Search for neutral MSSM Higgs bosons decaying to a tau-antitau pair in the ATLAS detector produced with 13 TeV proton-proton collisions at the LHC
Theodore Zorbas, University of Sheffield, UK

P.21 - A comparison of potential electron lifetime measurements in the Short Baseline Near Detector
Tom Brooks and Dom Barker, University of Sheffield, UK

P.22 - MiniBooNE NC Data
Liam O'Sullivan, University of Sheffield, UK

Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline [Extended]:
    31 January 2017
  • Early registration deadline [Extended]:
    20 March 2017
  • Registration deadline:
    03 April 2017